The linkage of Malay (and Indonesian) with Tagalog

i’d love to do a similar comparison several regional languages (not dialects) north of manila: ilocano, kankana-ey, ibaloi…


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Because of 300 years of Spanish colonial rule, Tagalog has a large amount of Spanish vocabulary. However before the arrival of the Spaniards, Tagalog had vocabulary from other languages such as Chinese languages, Sanskrit and, of course, Malay.

Not only do Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia share cultural, genetic, geographic, economic and historical ties with the Philippines but also in language too. Although, the Tagalog people of Manila would’ve gotten Malay words after being connected politically with Brunei. Not only was Tagalog influenced by Malay but also a number of other Philippine languages were influenced by Malay. But for this article, I will focus on Tagalog mainly because that is the Philippine language I’m most familiar with.

Vocabulary comparisons

Although there are more than 5000 Tagalog words of Spanish origin, there are more than 3000 words of Malay or Indonesian origin.

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