Namaste Asshole

sadly, hypocrisy, indeed, is the name of the game these days…! नमस्तो

The Road to Hel

There has been an issue in my local area which has become more prevalent over the past few years that can no longer be ignored. While the city of Reading Pennsylvania is largely a crime ridden slum we do have a nice area called West Reading. This small section of the city is full of trendy little shops and boutiques full of useless garbage such as a violin and antique picture frame store (I wish I was kidding). Now with any area like this come pretentious people, reading however has a special brand of hipster douche-bag known as a pseudo Hindu. These are the over-privileged house wives and trust fund babies who frequent the several yoga schools and vegan restaurants in the area all the while wearing their mala beads and claiming to be enlightened. This insult to the great mystical traditions of India need to stop and I am…

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