5 Interesting Reasons to Sleep Naked

i knew it…! 🙂 surely nature has reasons of its own, but oftentimes we impose our artificial will on it for various artificial (well, superficial) reasons in the name of aesthetics or otherwise – then we get sick… 🙂 take the admittedly pleasing form of the feet when in ballet pointe shoes or the slimming effect of being in high heels, and the several possible bone and muscle problems later… 🙂 nature cares, if we give it a little bit of consideration… 🙂

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feature_image_templateNot everybody enjoys sleeping in their birthday suit, but perhaps more would partake if they knew some of the amazing benefits can accompany the practice. Sleeping entirely naked cannot only be extremely comfortable once you get used to it, but it can also greatly improve your health among other things. Following are five of the more lesser-known beneficial effects that sleeping naked can have for you.

1. Self-esteem boost.

Sleeping in the nude can help you feel more comfortable with your body and have a subtle yet positive impact on your self-esteem, in turn offering an improvement to your mental health. This can in turn lead to an improved sense of confidence within your day-to-day life and even allow you to feel happier overall.

2. Improved skin health.

One of the more obvious benefits to sleeping naked is on the skin, which is essentially freed from the confines of your…

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