This is a Story

composure in the face of adversity – this is a very rare trait in today… 🙂

Karate Living™

Tea MasterA tea master accidentally bumped into a Samurai and inadvertently touched his sword. In feudal Japan, this was a major offense for the Samurai. The Samurai therefore told him that they were to meet in the morning for a match to the death. The tea master knew nothing about sword fighting. He went to the local sword master and asked if he could borrow a sword, and explained the situation.

The sword master said: “What are you going to do with this? You are not a swordfighter.” The tea master asked: “Then what should I do ?” “You should die with dignity. Do the tea ceremony, what you do best, before the match.”

The tea master met the Samurai and said: “Before I die, I will do the tea ceremony.”

The Samurai waited. After some time, the Samurai said: “I have killed many people. Before they died, some tried to…

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