5 Words That Make You Sound Stupid

aha…! now we know how irritating it could be when people speak just for the sake of speaking… and then some… 🙂

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The literal meaning of this word signifies that something is present or exists in reality, but it is often used incorrectly to add an extra punch to the sentence.


This word should be used to signify a simple or fundamental point, instead people often use it incorrectly in a statement to add weight and instill a sense of finality.


People often use this word to add either authority or amazement to their statements. Its correct usage adds meaningful honesty to what the speaker is saying.


Okay, we’re admittedly guilty of this one. We just can’t seem to shake this filler word, which was adapted into our vernacular after movies and shows like Valley Girl and Clueless introduced us to the so-called ‘Val Speak.’ Just like “um,” we involuntarily slip the word into our conversations, but it should be used when describing something that has the same…

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