J.Co Donuts & Coffee – My Semi-Private Lounge


perfectly fried and glazed donut - with a shot of espresso

there are times when i simply need to sit and slow down my mind, times when i could let the world around me fall away and blur as i busy myself with my own thoughts – guided into a meditative state by the aroma and the taste of coffee permeating whatever drink i decide to order from the counter; it has to have a hint of coffee or bitter chocolate, as a minimum…

this time, however, the simple glazed donut that usually comes free with most drinks caught my attention as it arrived at my corner table (a favourite spot, mind you) that i had to look at it several seconds longer than usual…

the donut ring looks unusually more fully tubular, the sugar-honey glaze seemingly more golden and silky smooth, and at certain points where it is cracked one could almost see flaking crystal laminates that were thinner than a sheet of paper – all these pointing to either a new cooking supplies or a new baker-chef… it must be a new baker-chef… several things were racing through my mind: the dough and yeast mixture, the kneading and rising time, the frying time, the glaze caramelisation, etc…

i know this post is rather late, but i clearly remember the glaze softly crack and crumble as i sank my teeth into the donut, how the hint of honey seeped onto my taste buds and how ephemeral it washed as the barrage of freshly brewed espresso lurched and arched its way around my palate…

oh, and yes, it was a new baker-chef… a close acquaintance, in fact… and he was beaming as i complimented his batch of craft… naturally, i had to tell the manager about it; he came over and we had a brief and animated chat, as friends often do…



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