How Ayurveda Inspires Mindful Eating

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DSC_0086By Vedika Global Ayurveda Health Practitioner Ripa Ajmera

(As published on Elephant Journal)

In a world where women are so often objectified, whether in the workplace, media, on the school bus, or the world wide web, one of the most powerful lessons from the ancient science of Ayurveda for me has been to see my body as my temple.

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. Deriving from the Sanskrit words “Ayush,” which means “life,” and “Veda,” which means “knowledge” or “the study of,” Ayurveda is an amazingly comprehensive study of life. Ayurveda sheds light on such a myriad of topics related to human life, ranging from detailed daily self-care practices (called Dinacharya) to the way we manage our relationships.

I learned from my Ayurveda teacher Acharya Shunya ji about how there are three primary relationships in life. One relationship we all have…

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