Introducing USB flashdrives for smartphones.

very nifty, indeed! how soon would i see these in the Philippines and in Indonesia…?

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With mobile devices like smart phones and tablets becoming an integral part of our life, even replacing the PC for some, the need for sufficient storage space has now become more critical than optional.
This is further heightened by the increasing size of apps and games as developers want to utilise the high resolution, pixel packed displays of new mobile devices and the growing size of videos and pictures shot through high-resolution cameras of these devices.
Unfortunately, even though smart phone cameras are now capable of recording 4K videos, a number of premium smart phones do not include a slot for expanding storage.
Thanks to USB on-the-go, it’s easy to plug in conventional storage drives like pen drives.
However, with the need for adapters and cables, the process is a bit cumbersome. To make it more seamless, storage solution companies have now introduced USB drives that feature a micro-USB port…

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