Why no meat?

aha! a nice, straightforward take on protein and being vegetarian… thank you!

Infinite MPG

I’ve been a vegetarian for somewhere nearly ten years. I don’t remember exactly when it all happened.

Here are the two questions everyone wants to ask about being vegetarian:

Originally, it was to be supportive of my then-girlfriend’s ambitions. She said she had always wanted to be vegetarian, but didn’t think she could do it on her own. So I, knight in shining armor that I was, offered my companionship in that pursuit. That girlfriend became my wife, and we’ve continued in our veggie ways (thanks to my gallantry).

As the years go on, and I hear this question again and again, my answer remains the same. We don’t feel it’s a chore or imposition on our lives to not eat meat. We’ve found we don’t really need the meat we’re not eating. So, we keep not doing it.

Recently, someone asked “Why?” and before I could answer, he…

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