Let’s Talk About Protein!

this is a simple but effective way of explaining how vegetarians or vegans get their supply of protein… thank you for this post and i will let my friends and acquaintances know…

Michelle Eat Well

I have been a vegetarian for 18 years now. I can’t actually believe that I am old enough to have been anything for 18 years!! Anyway… one of the most common questions I am asked is “but where do you get protein from?”

It is such a misconception that the only place you can get protein is from meat. Sooo not the case!! And although I have spent most of my life as a vegetarian just eating healthy food and hoping for the best, there is a bit of a science to it. Let’s discuss!

So the main difference between animal protein and plant-based protein is the number of essential amino acids they contain. There are nine essential amino acids; these are the ones that our bodies can’t produce for us so we must include them in our diets (making them essential). Animal products contain all nine essential amino acids…

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