A Green Super Curry!

a very interesting take on curry; i could almost taste it just by reading the ingredients… thank you very much!

kitchen of amelia

So I have made this recipe twice now and both times just wow, so good! This recipe is great because it based on the super green spinach (hence the title of this post) a vegetable renowned for it’s great properties and it contains large quantities of it in a dish that sounds reasonably familiar to most people – a curry. On top of spinach, it also contains my favourite ingredient of the moment – lemon! You can easily make this curry vegetarian/vegan and I promise it isn’t spicy at all, for all those spice sensitive people out there like myself.

I firstly cooked this meal for my family and to me cooking healthy food for myself and cooking healthy food for my family always feels different. I always feel a little more pressured when I cook for my family because I feel like they will be less forgiving then my…

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