The elements at your fingertips

wow! this is a very interesting read on the five elements, indeed… blessings!

Fire up Water down

I will never see my hands and fingers in the same light again. Many cultures and religions consider that everything in the universe, including humans, are made up of the elements of fire, air, earth, water and (often) space/ether/spirit. Even so, I had not made the connection between the elements and our fingers, and in particular with mudras – those elegant and powerful gestures commonly associated with Buddhism, Yoga (e.g. Raja and Hatha) and Indian dance and drama.

That was until I saw the following image during an on-line search – it really made an impression. The image shows the relationship between the fingers and the Five Elements, from an Indian perspective. The order of the elements was different on at least one website I found where the thumb represented Space, the index finger Air, the middle finger Fire, and so on. For the purpose of this post, the order…

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