On Ramadan in an Arab Country Part II

i’ve been in indonesia for a few years and, so i have some idea of the fasting month of ramadan; indeed, i tried joining my friends at the early dawn meal before the first prayer of the day and then again at iftar – in fact, i cooked for us a couple of times, mostly sweet and spicy stir-fried veggies or scrambled eggs on toast… for the first several days i couldn’t resist eating a fruit or some cookies during midday, then later i think my body has adjusted… what i cannot ever do is forego liquids – i drink water and even add coffee even at midday because then i would start feeling signs of dehydration (indonesia is a tropical country, afterall)… midway into the month-long fasting, i had to have a break in my country; i’m now staying in Makati near another friend… oh, there are buddhists, hindus, catholics and confucians where i stayed in indonesia, so, yes, several foodshops and fastfood places have minicurtains set just enough for people outside not to see the tabletops up to slightly above the heads of whoever are eating inside (non-Muslims, that is)…

Elucidated Perspectives

So here I am two summers later and in the last 1/3 of my Second Ramadan in an Arab country. I will admit things are better the second time around! At least in this instance. Some of it stems from working vs. studying in a place and all the repercussions that follow: not living with host family (Glory to God!), not having to sit in an enclosed classroom/being expected to study and keep up while the spirit of Ramadan flurries about.

Some it stems from where my head is now. And the rest of the difference comes from being a more comfortable place. Morocco is fine, but the Gulf is more comfortable (if you can afford it?). Ramadan work hours are more amenable this time around…. 9-2! Hay hay! Can we have this policy instated year round? Ha ha…..

But it’s also summer, so a lot of expats are on…

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