6 ‘less than’ teaching ideas that may help you get more out of your day

lovely…! sometimes, we do need to look for deceptively simple ideas to help refresh the mood in class… i like those that you included in this post because they can be done anytime, does not involve extra budget and results are inevitable… 🙂


Less is often more and here are just six ways that we could do less of to make our day so much more.

Less talking in the classroom

Avoid rambling and talking too much at the students. They are probably not taking as much in as you think they are. Instead give them controlled creative tasks. Allow them to discover things for themselves.

Less talking in the staff room

Teaching is a busy profession and there is always plenty to do. Early on in my teaching Career someone once said to me, “What is worse than marking”. Answer: Talking about marking. This is so true. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard teachers moaning about all the work they have to do – sometimes for a whole break time or even a whole pub session. It’s sometimes best just to get on with it.


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