Why there are so pitifully little evidence for psychotherapy effectiveness? Part 2

is this perhaps pointing to the seemingly inherent volatility of the human mind that it continues to elude us despite decades of attempts to box and define it…? 🙂

Psychology Gone Wrong


The neuroses are ‘cured’ by Christian Science, osteopathy, chiropractic, nux vomica and bromides, benzedrine sulfate, change of scene, a blow on the head and psychoanalysis which probably means that none of these has yet established its real worth in the matter … moreover since many neuroses are self-limited, anyone who spends two years with a patient gets credit for the operation of nature.[1]

And this is not an isolated view, since

You can take a ward full of patients of whatever diagnosis, age and sex, and you can give them all a new drug, or a new kind of therapy, or simply a change in their routine, and a third of them will get better, a third will stay the same, and a third will get worse, give or take a few each way. Of course, a few weeks or months later, some of those who got better will…

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