Kale & Bacon stir fry

i would highly suggest substituting the bacon with beef or chicken, or versions, thereof, to our Muslim brothers and sisters – and perhaps, tofu, to our Buddhist or other vegetarian-vegan friends… 🙂

The Fit Pig

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I’ve been reading up on Kale and its benefits alot so it’s no wonder that it is always out of stock in the grocery. Today as I was buying my veggies, i chanced upon a bouquet and decided to buy them right away. I googled for different recipes for it and one stood out for me — Kale & Bacon stir fry. Since i don’t eat (red) meat, i decided to change some ingredients. The result was scrumptious.

I served half of it with a piece of turkey burger patty & cooked tomatoes. YUM!

Kale & Bacon Stir fry


6 strips bacon (i used turkey bacon)

1 bouquet Australian Kale

a dash of pepper

a dash of sea salt

a dash of apple cider vinegar


  • de-stem kale and chop up and put in a bowl after washing.
  • cut bacon into 1″ strips
  • heat skillet on medium fire and…

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