Irish Coffee – Original Recipe

i could almost taste it…! 🙂

Solitaire G

Irish Coffee – Original Recipe

Forget what any chain bar or restaurant has tried to sell you. This is Irish Coffee, the real deal from the original S.F. recipe:

Looks so good, I want one now and it's midnight Looks so good, I want one now and it’s midnight

Ingredients (per serving) –

1 jigger of Irish whiskey (I use Bushmill’s, usually)
1 sugar cube
heavy whipping cream
strong, hot, black coffee


Preparation –

In a small glass (like the ones I have pictured here) drop a sugar cube then pour the whiskey over. Add in hot coffee until about half inch from the rim and stir to dissolve the sugar. Now comes the magic: That heavy whipping cream? It should be chilling in a bowl of ice (again, q.v. photo!); pour a bit into a blender and froth it for a few seconds, then with the back of a large spoon layer it onto the top of the drink…

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