How to stop your dog barking!

very helpful tips, indeed, thank you…!

My dog zone

If you have a dog that just seems to bark, bark, and bark! Here are a few
ideas to try to reduce or stop the barking. Please remember that barking is
your dogs’ way of talking and a little barking is normal and healthy. If you
notice it has got worse and more often, here are some handy tips to try.
Please remember this can be a hard habit to stop and the longer they have
been barking the longer it can take to sort out. These tips will help to
reduce barking alongside whichever method you choose:

1. Walk your dog well, dogs that are tired and have been exercised are
not as
interested in barking.

2. Make sure your dog has a few toys, for chewing, as this reduces their
stress. Plus their mind will be on the chew toy and what they
are doing.


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