8 Social Perks That Only (True) Introverts Enjoy

most of the time, i am number7… enough said… 🙂

Sharing my contributed post to 8list.ph which was subsequently republished by Yahoo! Philippines:

8 Social Perks That Only (True) Introverts Enjoy
Yahoo! She | Philippines

By Paulo M. Bayabos

01 Jul 2014

(You can view the Yahoo! articlehereand the 8list posthere.)

First of all, yes – there are posers out there. Apparently, a lot of people are claiming to be introverted, although their actions obviously point to the opposite direction. I suppose they think it makes them “cool”.

Oh, yes, I’m definitely an introvert. I prefer staying at home and reading books and thinking about the meaning of life and stuff.”

Yeah, sure you do.

Can’t blame them, though. Being an introvert does carry with it a bag full of benefits. After a myriad of tests (ahem, standardized tests, not the ones on OkCupid.com – I was a Psych major), I’ve finally come…

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