The Grand Stair | La Gran Escalera

this is beautiful – ever heard of the expression ‘visual orgasm’… this one does look chaotic at first glance, then the function emerges and lifts itself off the form… much like viewing a ‘Magic Eye’ 3D stereoscopic image… like a dream, where one realises the latent content from the seeming phantasmagoria…


In 2012 the Australian team March Studio finished their work for the entrance of the Nishi Building in Canberra, Australia. They designed the stairwell, wall and ceiling of the entrance with 2150 reused wood pieces. They used old wood from old homes, and even from the left over timber facade construction from the Nishi Building itself. The designers describes their work as chaotic but precise and wanted to “letting the material be the material”. The different sized wood parts are hold by steel rods and creating a fascinating atmosphere.

En 2012 el equipo australiano de March Studio terminado su trabajo para la entrada del Nishi Building en Canberra, Australia. Ellos diseñaron el hueco de la escalera, muro y techo de la entrada, con 2.150 piezas de madera reutilizados. Utilizaron madera vieja de las casas viejas, canchas de baloncesto, e incluso de la construcción de la fachada de la madera sobrante…

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