psychology & creativity

i’d read almost anything labelled ‘psychology’ – or even ‘psychiatry’… the mind is such a boundless realm, it is pleasurable, almost voyeuristic, trying to analyse its intimate aspects…


Lisa Lillibridge 2014 Lisa Lillibridge 2014

I’m going to delve into some dense text about the psychology of creativity. I’ve found some outstanding resources and I love to learn about the brain. I enjoy fiction as well, but non-fiction about the brain positively makes me swoon. So, my beach reading for the summer will be about the why(s) of creativity. I want to better understand what makes us creative types hum (and not).

Here’s a fun online test I found today. How creative are you? Today, I am about 77.9% creative. I would love to have you post comments and share your results with me.

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