Everyone seems to think they are a photographer

i needed to slow down and sit still for some time while reading this, and i agree that the camera is but a tool – one of the many – that we should learn to use and master to tell our life stories and express our visions…


There are a lot of folks out there complaining that today everybody seems to think they are a photographer. I am not one of them. I think it is brilliant that the digital era, and the now relative affordability of photography tools, means that more people than ever can capture the world around them photographically. I live in Sierra Leone at the moment and ten years ago it would have been unimaginable for some people to have up to date images of their families or friends and yet now due to the cameras installed on phones even some of the country’s poorest people are able to lovingly pull out their mobile and show you a snap of their child. Photography is no longer a hobby for the elite and that is a great thing.

As a humanitarian photographer I also celebrate the fact that more people than ever before are able…

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