The elements at your fingertips

wow! this is a very interesting read on the five elements, indeed… blessings!

Fire up Water down

I will never see my hands and fingers in the same light again. Many cultures and religions consider that everything in the universe, including humans, are made up of the elements of fire, air, earth, water and (often) space/ether/spirit. Even so, I had not made the connection between the elements and our fingers, and in particular with mudras – those elegant and powerful gestures commonly associated with Buddhism, Yoga (e.g. Raja and Hatha) and Indian dance and drama.

That was until I saw the following image during an on-line search – it really made an impression. The image shows the relationship between the fingers and the Five Elements, from an Indian perspective. The order of the elements was different on at least one website I found where the thumb represented Space, the index finger Air, the middle finger Fire, and so on. For the purpose of this post, the order…

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New English Language Word for 2014‏

i find this to be quite funny – the rule of the inept, indeed…

Funny and Interesting Stuff People Have Sent Me

 Every once in a while somebody gets it right.

This is not yet found in the Oxford dictionary, so it was “Googled” and discovered to be a recently “coined” new word found on
T-shirts on eBay:

Read this one over slowly and absorb the facts that are within this definition !!!!!!!

I love this word and believe that it will become a recognized English word.

Finally,  a word to describe our Future !!!!!!!
New English Language Word for 2014‏

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My Morning Ritual – Five Reasons Why I Live For My Lemon Water

hmm, i should definitely give this a try – and soon…! thanks a bunch! 🙂

tassie's little health darling

I really like to keep a few rituals close to my heart. Having some lovely routines and rituals in my life helps to balance me, and even when times are stressful and I am running at half-tank but full steam ahead (like now!) I can rely on the small practices that I have set aside just for me to help keep things in order.

The ancient practice of Ayurveda Medicine encourages us to set a routine for ourselves that will essentially bring about radical change for our body and mind. Setting our morning routine, or ritual, then is the most important and will set our whole day up for success for every part of our life. Waking up and pouring a glass of warm (not boiling) water with half a fresh squeezed lemon and sipping on it before doing anything else has amazing benefits. I am certainly not the only…

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Israeli surgeons save the lives Palestinian children

therefore, let us not be too quick to judge… there are good and bad people everywhere, not just in a certain place… as are the moral and immoral, the kind and the cruel, the open-minded and the narrow-minded…


Israeli surgeons save the lives Palestinian children as Hamas continues its rocket assault on Israel

“Children are not part of the conflict,” “Children are not part of the conflict,”

by Barbara Kay National Post

Yesterday, 13 Palestinian children from Gaza and the West Bank arrived at Israel’s Wolfson Medical Center in Holon (near Tel Aviv) to undergo life-saving heart operations. After their surgeries, they will recover in the nearby Children’s Home. By now, when the sirens announcing in-coming rockets blow, the toddlers there instinctively raise their arms for the volunteers to scoop them to safety in the protected room. But mostly they are busy doing arts and crafts or watching movies (Alvin and the Chipmunks is a favourite).

The above reads like wartime propaganda to soften anti-Israel bias, but it’s a 18-year old routine: Palestinian children have been arriving at Wolfson’s clinic every Tuesday for 18 years for treatment by the politically and religiously non-partisan international charity, Save a…

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U.K. 3,000 Lightening Bolts in Two Hours!*

very lovely shots of lightning… they evoke a sense of urgency and ferocity, but they look simply amazing…!

Hwaairfan's Blog

U.K. 3,000 Lightening Bolts in Two Hours!*

When lightning strikes more than 3,000 times in two hours, don’t you think the heavens are trying to tell you something? From storms to sunshine in just six hours: A rude awakening ITV calls it… Guilty as charged for dehumanizing humanity!

Southern England

Lightning strikes the sea around the wreckage of Brighton’s West Pier last night. Just hours later, the nearby beach would be inundated with people wanting to sunbathe

Fistral Beach, Newquay

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The sun revolves around the earth and dinosaurs love humans? Why Christian fundamentalism isn´t good for anybody

reminds me of someone who said that religious uniformity us not a necessary sign of social stability… if i’m not mistaken another said nations with more religious diversity tend to display more tolerance (and perhaps non-violence) to non-conformists (outsiders, that is)…

From Comics To Politics

The results are in: Religion can in fact make you stupid. New studies from America show that the concentration on religion combined with the lack of science classes in schools and universities brings us back to a medieval state of knowledge.

You would think that in this time and age the intelligence of human beings is always evolving. That people question everything they hear and have the capacity for learning, abstract thought and logic. But in some religious countries it´s quite the opposite, one of them: the USA. In June “Gallup” released a poll to examine the level of scientific knowledge in the USA and the results are shocking. “Gallup” revealed that

– 42% of Americans still believe that god created earth and all humans while they were     present
– 72% of Republicans don´t trust scientists and science in general
– 25% of American biology teachers insist that…

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